The King Air Book Volume II Released

Image: King Air Academy

Tom Clements, author of the original renown The King Air Book has announced the release of the King Air Book Volume II. Clements posted the details in a post recently on Beechtalk:

“It is finally done! It’s been ten years since The King Air Book first appeared and now Volume II is completed. As most BT Forum members know, I have been writing articles for King Air Magazine for over nine years. These 90+ articles form the basis of the new book. Unlike Volume I, the articles in Volume II are organized based on subject matter. In doing so, I believe topics of particular interest will be found more easily.

It’s big: 460 pages. It even has a few pictures! $59.95 is the cost. Order yours at http://www.thekingairbook.comThis link will direct you to the King Air Academy website where you will find buttons for both a print version and a digital, searchable version.”

Soon available will also be an e-book version which can be purchased for $19.95. There is an fillable form for those interested in it when it becomes available.

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