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King Air Communique Look – MC KA-2016-11


King Air Communique Look – MC KA-2016-11

King Air Communique Look – MC KA-2016-11. The full communique can be viewed here (along with images). ATA’s include:

27: Universal Travel Board Instruction Manual – Universal Travel Board instructions have been included in the respective Maintenance Manuals for each of the models listed above. If you are in possession of the Universal Travel Board Instructions Manual, Part Number 98-32928E, please disregard and use the appropriate Maintenance Manual instructions for the applicable model. However, this manual may still be used on other airplane models.

35: Oxygen System Barometric Pressure Switch Relocation – The barometric pressure switch associated with the auto-deployment oxygen system has been relocated from the forward side of the right hand emergency exit to below the emergency exit and just forward of the right hand forward cabin table.

The barometric pressure switch can be accessed by removing the upholstery panel that covers the right hand forward table. To remove the panel, grasp the panel on the lower portion of the panel and lift up and inboard. The switch is located just forward of the table.

King Air 350i airplanes equipped with the Slick Interior option will have the barometric pressure switch in the new location. However, the lower upholstery panel is one piece from front to back and requires removal of the whole panel. The Model B300C (FM serial numbers) will have the barometric pressure switch in the original location.

55/57: Scupper/Grommet Part Numbers and Locations – he location and part number of the metal scupper/grommet found on the King Air airplanes can be difficult to find in the model-related Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC’s). In the attached figures, note the location and a physical representation of the scuppers. Part number S43 scuppers are depicted within red circles. In some manuals, it is listed as S-43, which is the most common type. The S43 is bonded on with EC2216-B/A adhesive. Part number AN231-4 scuppers are plastic and are depicted in a green square. These scuppers can be found only on C90 airplanes that have the BLR winglet installed. The AN231-4 scupper is bonded with Loctite 330 two-part adhesive.