FAA Accepts King Air 300 67A Upgrade Flight Test Data, STC Incoming

Image by Blackhawk

Jim Allmon, President of Blackhawk Modifications, recently announced on the Beecktalk forums that the FAA has accepted all flight test data for the 67A engine upgrade for the King Air 300:

Allmon went on to note that Blackhawk’s test airplane has been released to paint and interior. Additionally, STC approval should occur within a few weeks. His final note was that G1000 approval for the King Air 300 with 67 engines testing will be taking place in a couple months.

According to Blackhawk, the XP67A delivers a 24% increase in available horsepower over the stock engines, which translates into 60% increased climb rate, 332+ ktas maximum cruise speed, and 60 hours of flight time saved every year.

Allmon noted in his post they had actually clocked it at 354 knots TAS at FL280.

Blackhawk released a trailer promoting the upgrade back in November.

The journey began for the 67A upgraded 300 back in July of last year.

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