PWI Discounts King Air Retrofit Kits for April

PWI has announced a new promotion coinciding with the upcoming First Annual King Air Gathering. PWI will be offering a 20% discount on the STC’d King Air Retrofits Kits, from now until April 30th.

“The King Air Gathering is an excellent opportunity to showcase our products and, to facilitate this, we decided to offer this promotion to help the pilots and owners out there to get our lights in their planes.” says Robi Lorik, President of PWI.

PWI prices

PWI’s King Air Retrofits feature increased lifespan, operating for over 100,000 hours, and a “plug ‘n play” style design that allows for a simple swapping of systems with no rewiring or interior impact. According to PWI, they feature a weight savings of 46-55%, depending on the amount of lights and Retrofit Kit series, a 40% lower operating temperature, and a much lower EMI.

The King Air Retrofit Kits apply to a wide variety of King Airs, with King Air Retrofit 200 Kit works with any 90, 100, and 200 series King Air, and the King Air Retrofit 300 Kit works with any from the 300, B300, and B300C series.

PWI’s website is

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